Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Eliminates the manual work involved with managing vacation rentals and simplifies the day-to-day management processes.

  • Minimizes the time spent responding to inquiries and processing payments.
  • Handles all correspondence for you based on your rules.
  • MyVRMS' property management solution is completely automated and responds to all rental inquiries within minutes.

Delivers reliable tools that allow vacation rental owners and property managers to conduct business in a professional manner.

  • Provides "check and balance processes" to ensure software reliability 24/7.
  • Partners with industry leaders with similar customer service beliefs and standards.
  • Recognizes that data security and recoverable data are a top priority when handling client sensitive data.

Provides valuable resources and support to empower vacation property owners and management companies to successfully manage their properties.

  • Creates an environment where administrative tasks associated with vacation rentals are minimized and revenue generated is maximized.
  • Supports processes and procedures associated with renting vacation properties.
  • Delivers industry expert insight, empowering information, and tips to successfully manage vacation properties.

MyVRMS is a cutting-edge organization known for its innovation and is a leader in online vacation rental management software.

  • Automated solutions minimize the amount of time to manage vacation rentals.
  • Provides a credible and affordable option for vacation property owners and management companies to streamline their operations and manage their properties efficiently.
  • Offers the flexibility to manage inquiries and vacation rentals at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home, in the office, or while on "the road".

How is MyVRMS different than Reservation Manager by VRBO?

  • With MyVRMS you don't have to login and manually craft each response. We automatically send it for you based on your rates, availability and minimum night stay rules.
  • With MyVRMS we will automate all inquiry replies from all your advertising sites in one place.
  • With MyVRMS you don't have to login again after a prospect tells you "I want to book it". If you choose to offer online bookings, we will include a link in the auto-reply where the prospect can pay. If you choose to interview your prospect first, you can send the payment request email when your ready to rent.
  • Other cool stuff: With MyVRMS we capture all the contact data of the inquirer so you can easily export and upload it into an email marketing program. We like to make it easy!
  • With MyVRMS we provide reports to help you file your TOT returns easily and quickly.

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